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Using Debian as a base for a LiveCD together with non-free products.

Hi debian.legal,
is it possible to use Debian as the base for a Live CD intended to present a commercial (non free) software (test and evaluate it in its demo version)? Is there any legal issue on doing this?

The GPLv2 seems to allow distributing GPLv2-software together with other_license-software. The DFSG seems also to allow such use because of what point 3 (Derived Works) and point 9 (License Must Not Contaminate Other Software) says.

The project would be making a (bootable :D ) live cd using Debian packages, customizing the kernel (I will make the live-cd kernel myself), adding the commercial app and theming the desktop environment (for example the desktop background will present a trademarked logo), the web-browser default page will point to a customized local page (not the one provided by Debian - don't know if its content can be included )... the icons/logos of all the other software in the live-cd will not be touched.
The live-cd isn't sold but freely available for download.
There are no assertions about relations between Debian and the commercial product or the company that makes it. Also there are no assertion that the commercial product is Debian-specific or encourages using Debian. The live-cd will use Debian "lenny" (testing) in order to have more updated packages.

Do you think I can realize this project or there are some legal issue I miss?

Thank in advance

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