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Re: GPL V2 and GPLv3

Peter S Galbraith <psg@debian.org> writes:

> As I understand it, the GPL v3 is more strict then the GPL v2 and
> thus is incompatible.  Is that correct?

The interesting question isn't whether it's "more strict" (I don't
know how you'd measure that objectively).

GPLv3 does contain requirements not in GPLv2, which is the test GPLv2
makes when it grants permission to redistribute "under the terms of
this license".

> That means that as Emacs migrates to GPL v3, and elisp code licensed
> under the GPL v2 (without the "or any later version" bit) will be
> incompatible.

Yes. This is what the GPL creators aimed to avoid by recommending GPL
users to use the "or any later version" grant of license.

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