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Re: GFDL and cover texts

I have not asked you to send copies of list messages to me; please don't.

"Jordi Gutiérrez Hermoso" <jordigh@gmail.com> writes:

> My point here is that it's a matter of interpretation and degree;

Debian has interpreted it, many times in the past. Others may
interpret it as they please, but it's up to Debian what they put in
their operating system.

> I can't think of any situation where the words "a GNU manual" could
> actually hinder anyone's use, modification or distribution of, well,
> a GNU manual.

This shows that you've not been *reading* the references given to
you. Please do so. (Hint: If such a GNU manual were free, one would
need to modify the statement "A GNU Manual" on derived works for which
that statement is not true.)

Please read the referenced documents again before re-raising points
already covered in them.

> Source tarballs under any license have an unmodifiable section in
> their license terms, and we tolerate that

Indeed, as an unavoidable function of copyright law we must distribute
the copyright license without granting freedom to modify the text of
the license as it applies to the work.

Note that we don't distribute license texts *except* as required by
copyright law; i.e. only as they are required to give the license
terms for a work in Debian.

Any other non-free work in Debian is a bug, to be fixed either by
changing the license terms or removing the work.

> but the GFDL is seemingly different because it forces GNU philosophy
> down our throats, right?

We reject any non-free work for inclusion in Debian, regardless of who
made it or what it says.

*None* of this is new to this discussion. Now, again, please re-read
what has already been written on this topic so it doesn't need to be
repeated in full.

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