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Re: LGPL v3 compatibilty

Måns_Rullgård <mans@mansr.com> wrote:
> Inside the kernel stdio is meaningless, so I'd hardly expect to find
> that header there.  The only places in the kernel source where
> stdio.h is included are in tools, such as kconfig, only to be used
> for building the kernel or for testing purposes.  This use of
> standard C header files is of course completely outside the scope of
> any license.
> As for stdarg.h, it is provided by the compiler, and generally
> (including GCC) licensed without restrictions on use.

Thanks.  That clarifies things.  I could see how this might still be a
problem if there are third party tools that use some internal kernel
structures [1] and link to glibc, but I do not know of any such cases.
I would expect such tools to be rare since it would be pretty fragile.

Walter Landry

[1] If the tools use normal kernel interfaces, then the kernel's
    license disavows any claims on how they can be distributed.

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