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Re: Jagged Alliance 2 Source Code

On 7/4/07, Dennis Schridde <devurandom@gmx.net> wrote:
Is this thing (or any license in general, if that could be more easily
answered) somehow mixable with the GPL? Eg. that I publish my derived work
under the GPL and make an exception for Strategy First to grant them what
they want?

The licence says:
"3. That if you distribute the Software or any derivative works of the
Software, you will distribute them using a verbatim copy of this
License, and you will not grant any
rights to the Software or derivative works that are broader than those
provided by this Licensing Agreement. For example, you may not
distribute any modifications of the Software under terms that would
permit commercial use, or under terms that require the Software or
such derivative works to be sublicensed to others."

You can't publish a modified version of the work with anything that is
mixable with the GPL. Unless you published your changes in the form of
patches only, and even then, only if those patches don't infrnige the
copyright in the game at all.

hope this helps,


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