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Re: Jagged Alliance 2 Source Code

"Ben Finney" <bignose+hates-spam@benfinney.id.au> wrote in message 876451ox1v.fsf@benfinney.id.au">news:876451ox1v.fsf@benfinney.id.au...
Dennis Schridde <devurandom@gmx.net> writes:

This is not Debian related, but I think you are the ones who know
best about licensing issues.

This list, debian-legal, is a resource for Debian developers to
determine whether a work is free software compliant with the DFSG. Its
regular members contribute largely on the understanding that they're
helping the Debian project.


For what its worth, The code looks non-free (by DFSG and FSF standards). It is definately not GPL compatible. The code does look distributable, but only in non-free, and I'm not certain of that either (did not look closely enough).

That is about all the anaysis he will be likely to get from this list, unless and until the program is proposed for packaging, and/or a Debian legal contributer feels bored.

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