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Jagged Alliance 2 Source Code


This is not Debian related, but I think you are the ones who know best about 
licensing issues.

In 2004 the sourcecode to Jagged Alliance 2 was released: 

It comes with a license which I have a hard time to fully understand:

My specific questions follow, but if someone would explain the license in more 
detail I would be happy, too.

- Is it GPL or LGPL compatible? Or compatible to any other common FOSS 

- §1 is what the GPL requires, too, correct?

- §2: Binary format means anything that is not text? Incl. images, soundfiles 
and the like? Does "reverse engineer" include reproduction? (As would 
be "rewriting" to sourcecode.)

- Do §3+5 mean that I can distribute the code incl. my modifications under a 
FOSS license (GPL eg.)? (I don't know it, but it feels that the GPL is more 
restrictive (§3) and still grants them the rights they want (§5).)
Would it be ok to add an exception for Strategy First, to match the "without 
any limitations" part?

- Does §4 mean that I have to ship a detailed and full changelog with the 
application? Or with the sourcecode? Or does every single file need a 
changelog? What happens if I create new files? Or copy contents of existing 
files into new ones?

- §8+9 are standard clauses also present in the GPL, right?

- Is §10 similar to the patent restrictions in the GPLv3?

- Does §11 mean that any rights given to me by this license may not apply to 
derivate works???

- Which rights I might assume I have are reserved by §14?

Thanks in advance,

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