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Re: Final text of GPL v3

Anthony W. Youngman wrote:
> It's probably to do with the "v2 or later" stuff. I can't remember, but 
> it was discussed on Groklaw, and v3 *is* retroactive to the extent that 
> a lot of stuff is licenced "or later".

It's not retroactive. Right now you are free to choose to use
any "GPLv2 or later" software under GPLv3. However any past use
under GPLv2 remains covered under GPLv2 only. You can't say *now*
that your copying *last year* was actually allowed under GPLv3.

> Certainly the feeling is that MS will get caught by this date thingy as 
> a result of their deal with Novell.

The MS/Novell deal is actually grandfathered by this date.
That was the whole point of including that date. That was discussed
when discussion drafts 3 and 4 came out.


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