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Re: Final text of GPL v3

On Sun, Jul 01, 2007 at 10:31:00AM -0700, Sean Kellogg wrote:
> Now, as for me, I will admit that I don't know much about non-US law, although 
> I would be very surprised to hear that law is more liberal on this point in 
> the EU than the US, since these "no practice without a license" laws are 
> consumer protection in nature, and as a general rule, the EU is more strict 
> than the US on such things.

Generally, Finnish (and I assume therefore EU) consumer protection does not
apply to transactions between private individuals (that is, when the seller is
not engaging in or practicing trade), and neither does it apply to situations
like debian-legal where nobody is selling anything.

I am not aware of any law in Finland regulating giving legal advice.  There is,
however, a (very recently instated) legal requirement for anybody representing
someone else at trial to be legally trained.  The title "asianajaja" (one of
the Finnish terms referring to a lawyer) is also legally restricted to only
members of the bar association.

IANLT (... legally trained) and all that
Antti-Juhani Kaijanaho, Jyväskylä

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