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Re: EPSG data reviewing in progress

On Tue, 15 May 2007 23:53:48 +0200 Francesco Poli wrote:

> EPSG dataset
> Terms of use, revised 22/03/2007 (proposed - not adopted!)
> The data may be used, copied and distributed subject to
> the following conditions:

No permission to modify: fails DFSG#3.

>  2. The data may be included in any commercial package provided that
>     any commerciality is based on value added by the provider and not
>     on a value ascribed to the EPSG dataset which is made available
>     at no charge.

Maybe acceptable, because DFSG#1 only requires permission to sell
*inside an aggregate*.  But very close to the non-free boundary, anyway.

>  3. Subsets of information may be extracted from the dataset.

This is not enough to satisfy DFSG#3.

>  4. [...] Modification of parameter values is permitted as
>     described in OGP Surveying and Positioning Guidance Note 7-1
>     annex G to allow change to the content of the information
>     provided that numeric equivalence is achieved. [...]

Highly restricted permission to modify: not enough to satisfy DFSG#3.

>  5. No data that has been modified other than as permitted in these
>     terms and conditions shall be attributed to the EPSG dataset.

What does this mean?  Am I allowed to modify data the way I like, *as
long as I do not attribute them to the EPSG dataset* ?!?
This is ambiguous, and should _really_ be clarified.

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