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Re: Bug#423683: msttcorefonts: Windows Vista Fonts available legally for free

Am Montag, den 14.05.2007, 13:25 +0200 schrieb Thijs Kinkhorst:
> I've reviewed the licence, and I'm afraid it's a bit more bothered than that 
> of the ms core fonts for the web:  "You may use the software only to view and 
> print files created with Microsoft Office software.  You may not use the 
> software for any other purpose.". If I would include this into the 
> msttcorefonts package this would severely limit the possibilities with these 
> core fonts, that are currently free to be used for whatever purpose.

Well, I see this point. How about a separate package, maybe
'ttf-vistafonts' or 'msvistacorefonts' which is in no way connected to
the 'msttcorefonts' package and shows a debconf warning about the
restrictions these fonts are subject to?

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