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Re: Copyleft variation of MIT license

Anthony W. Youngman wrote:
> So if you mix your code (under whatever licence you choose, provided
> it's compatible with the GPL), together with other peoples' GPL code,
> together with other peoples' code under GPL-compatible licences such as
> MIT, then...
> You can distribute the whole lot AS IF it was all GPL. It's *THAT* that
> is the important point, and the GPL can't enforce any more than that,
> because the law won't let it!
> In other words, if I then receive your "product" and want to use some of
> that code in my project, I can strip out your code and use it under
> whatever licence you granted. I can strip out the MIT code and use it
> under the MIT licence. I can strip out the GPL code and use it under the
> GPL licence. Etc etc.
> granted you that permission, that is, and the GPL doesn't do that.)
> And if I can separate their code out from your product, I can use it
> under the licence they granted, with NO REFERENCE TO YOU.

Wonderful. I am much relieved by this.

> Going back a bit, I think you've missed something. All licences grant
> permissions, so if you mix two licences, the resultant set of
> permissions actually granted is the intersect of the two licences.

Ah, I think I am beginning to understand now.

Many thanks for the detailed explanations! :-)

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