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Re: Copyleft variation of MIT license

Suraj N. Kurapati wrote:
I had been using the GPL for some years without fully understanding
its implications. Recently, I spent some time thinking about my
ethical beliefs regarding free software and discovered that I prefer
something like Creative Commons' by-sa (attribution + share-alike)
license. That is, I want the source code of my software to remain
free, like a free bird that cannot be caged.

What important difference do you see between the GPL and BY-SA? They were designed to work in similar ways.

I looked at other by-sa licenses (particularly MPL, CDDL, CPL, EPL)
but found them to be lengthy. Instead, I admire the MIT license for
its short length and comprehensibility, and wish to make a copyleft
variation of the MIT license[2].

This is a really bad idea, for reasons already explained by people more coherent than me. Please don't do it.

This might also be of interest:


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