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Re: GPL v3 Draft 3- text and comments

On Wed, 04 Apr 2007 00:09:30 +0100 Gervase Markham wrote:

> Francesco Poli wrote:
> > Well, *when* I want a copyleft, I want one that *actually works*...
> > Exemptions for specific incompatible licenses should be left out of
> > the license text (so that who wants them can add them as additional
> > permissions). 
> > *When* I choose the GNU GPL, I want to prevent my code from being
> > linked with proprietary code (including AfferoGPL'd code).
> > I'm simplifying things to a great extent here, but I think what I
> > mean is clear enough...
> Not-quite-DFSG-free != proprietary.

On the contrary:

Not-quite-DFSG-free == non-free, even though close to the freeness
boundary == proprietary, even though close to the freeness boundary

By definition, whatever is not free, is proprietary.
It may be closer to or farther from the freeness boundary, but it
remains proprietary.
Likewise DFSG-free works may be closer to or farther from the freeness
boundary (on the right side, this time!), but they still are DFSG-free.

> Calling Affero code proprietary is a pretty big stretch.

IMHO, it's just calling things with their name...

> Some of your other points were good, but this one is really not going
> to  be a problem in practice.

The problem is that (if this clause is not dropped) GPLv3'd code will
be linkable to non-free-restriction-encumbered code.
That's not in the spirit of the GNU GPL v2.

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