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Re: GPL v3 Draft 3- text and comments

Francesco Poli wrote:
Well, *when* I want a copyleft, I want one that *actually works*...
Exemptions for specific incompatible licenses should be left out of the
license text (so that who wants them can add them as additional
permissions). *When* I choose the GNU GPL, I want to prevent my code from being linked
with proprietary code (including AfferoGPL'd code).
I'm simplifying things to a great extent here, but I think what I mean
is clear enough...

Not-quite-DFSG-free != proprietary.

Calling Affero code proprietary is a pretty big stretch. Yes, there's a clause in there which is a restriction on modification - so it's not entirely free. But you still have to release the source to modifications, source follows the binary - all that GPL goodness, because the Affero license is based on the GPL.

And, from a practical point of view, there's hardly any code under the Affero. Proprietary software companies are not going to relicense under the Affero in order to link with GPLed code - because the Affero doesn't let them keep their code secret.

Some of your other points were good, but this one is really not going to be a problem in practice.


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