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Re: SleepyCat license - under "reasonable" conditions

Suraj N. Kurapati wrote:
> * "must be freely redistributable under these conditions"
> This establishes the conditions paragraph as the base requirements
> for distribution of my code. However, I am afraid that this might
> prevent people from releasing my code under a superset license...

Ah! I think I finally understand why the SleepyCat license says
"freely redistributable under *reasonable* conditions" instead of
saying "freely redistributable under *these* conditions", as above.

Suppose some code under the above condition was incorporated into
GPL code. When this aggregation is distributed, the GPL adds
additional conditions to the incorporated code. However, the
incorporated code allows you to bypass those additional conditions
because it only requires that the above condition be met for

For this reason, I think the SleepyCat license says "under
*reasonable* conditions". However, I feel that the word "reasonable"
can be easily abused. Would it not suffice to say "under these
conditions or a *superset* of these conditions" instead?

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