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Re: Debian-approved creative/content license?

On Wed, 14 Mar 2007, Ismael Valladolid Torres wrote:
> MJ Ray escribe:
> > Both of the situations are biased - each person will probably think their
> > preferred occupation is more creative or worthwhile.  If they thought
> > otherwise, they'd probably be doing the other task.  Why is this news
> > to anyone?
> With the difference that the programmer needs what he's programming
> to *work* according to a suite of specs.

Specifications are not an intrinsic part of programming any more than
they are in painting. I suggest reading _The Tao of Programming_.

Don Armstrong

I shall require that [a scientific system's] logical form shall be
such that it can be singled out, by means of emperical tests, in a
negative sense: it must be possible for an emperical scientific system
to be refuted by experience.
 -- Sir Karl Popper _Logic of Scientific Discovery_ §6

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