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Re: Re: Squiz.net Open Source License - is it free?

On 2/19/07, Victor Troska <viktor_troska@yahoo.com> wrote:
Putting the technicalities of the legal notice aside, has anyone actually
tried to use the thing? I had extraordinary amounts of trouble just to get
it installed when I was looking for a simple CMS for a website I've since
built in Joomla. Having to edit code all over the show just to get it to run
isn't against the rules of open source obviously, but it casts huge amounts
of doubt on a product thats already getting off on bad footing.

  Methinks this is just an invitation to shop @ squiz.net. A free download,
but if you want it to do anything you need to pony up the dollars.

  Has anyone had a response from Squiz to to this thread yet?]

Firstly, no HTML on this list :)

Secondly, in January 2007, partly as a result of the comments from
Debian Legal and Linux Australia, and the efforts of Avi Miller at
Squiz, Squiz.net released MySource Matrix under the GPL.


Thirdly, Matrix isn't a 'simple' CMS. It runs *massive* sites like
http://australia.gov.au (which won Australia's e-Government award a
while back) and if you just need a simple CMS then just use Joomla.

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