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Re: IEEE copyrighted files in vhdl tools

On Tuesday 19 December 2006 08:50, José L. Redrejo Rodríguez wrote:
> This file is needed to use any vhdl compiling/simulation tool, and I've
> later noticed that ghdl [2], already accepted in Debian, contains more
> vhdl headers, and even body vhdl copyrighted files that are delivered as
> binary libraries, i.e. object files. I've filled a bug[3] trying to
> clarify ghdl situation too.
> So, in short, I'm not legally expert at all, and specially if the text
> is not in my native language, so I would like to know if somebody could
> help me to clarify the situation of:
> - uploading freehdl (with one vhdl header) to  main (noticing the ieee
> copyrighted file in debian/copyright)
> - uploading it to non-free
> - how this can affect to ghdl, already in main and ready to be released
> with Etch.

For GHDL, the IEEE VHDL body files should not be there--I didn't actually 
notice that until you filed a bug on it. They are compiled just to get 
consistent interfaces--the implementation in the body files is not actually 
used (e.g. numeric_std functions are implemented internally). So there is a 
problem here that I will fix.

For the header files, they are not copyrightable as they just declare an 
interface. The comments are the only thing that could be copyrightable. 
But, I think I may just rewrite the whole set of headers to remove any 
doubt--this is a pretty trivial exercise. If FreeHDL only has one header 
and you are really worried about it, you might just want to rewrite it from 

(And no, unfortunately GHDL isn't going to be in etch no matter what, 
because of an unresolved bug in GNU ld on ia64 and now the freeze.)

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