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Re: Python Software Foundation trademark policy

MJ Ray wrote:
Gervase Markham <gerv@mozilla.org> wrote:
[...] This is a complete, standalone,
unqualified sentence, and therefore applies to all commercial
distribution, including people selling Debian CDs.

Well, it applies to all commercial distribution which uses the
Python trademark.

Right. And doesn't calling some software "Python" count as "using the Python trademark"? (The word, not any logos there might happen to be.)

If I purchase Debian CDs and type "python", or I do "man python" and read all about the interpreter which I can invoke by typing "python" which interprets the Python programming language, or I install "python-doc" and read some more, isn't that use of the trademark?

Remember, I think the Mozilla problem is their bizarre
trademark+non-free-copyright dual defence attempt.

This is not about Mozilla.


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