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Re: if a package can be used to spread illgeal contect can i sent to debian ?

Jabka Atu wrote:
Hello ..
i have wrote some small prog that works in the next scrinario:
it cats the file into small pices of 256 byte and then give each one unike Hash .
each pice  is uploaded into some server or (stored localy).

also it genrate a collection file (that in it has all the hashes).

when a person get the collection file he get the peces using their keys (wget -c server/key)
then using the collection file it recreate the orignal file.

my question is :
can release it to debian ?
If the program is DFSG-free, then there's no /legal/ reason it can't be in Debian. A program is just a tool; yours infringes copyright just as much and as little as FireFox or Azureus.

You should probably read http://mentors.debian.net/ to find out more about how packages get into Debian.

how can i be avoide being sued if some one will use it for spreading ilgeal content.
Move to a country that doesn't have ridiculous copyright laws. Even the USA has yet to go after someone who only gives away a file sharer. The big P2P lawsuits were all aimed at companies who ran advertising businesses supported by filesharing networks.

will debian allow this type of files being stored on it servers ? (it will proboably to extream big ) .
IANAFTPMaster, but I feel pretty safe in saying no.

It's not computers that infringe copyright, but humans. Legally, the partfiles are equivalent to the original file, because they've undergone only mechanical transformation. This remains the case no matter how many layers of obfuscation you add. If the original file is not DFSG-free, then the part files are not either. If the original file infringes copyright, then obviously Debian won't host it.

Lewis Jardine

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