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if a package can be used to spread illgeal contect can i sent to debian ?

Hello ..
i have wrote some small prog that works in the next scrinario:
it cats the file into small pices of 256 byte and then give each one unike Hash .
each pice  is uploaded into some server or (stored localy).

also it genrate a collection file (that in it has all the hashes).

when a person get the collection file he get the peces using their keys (wget -c server/key)
then using the collection file it recreate the orignal file.

my question is :
can release it to debian ?
how can i be avoide being sued if some one will use it for spreading ilgeal content. will debian allow this type of files being stored on it servers ? (it will proboably to extream big ) .

it has major bugs:
1.when cutting creating hashes it need 2 free space then the orinal file.
2.it is preety slow

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