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Re: if a package can be used to spread illgeal contect can i sent to debian ?

Jabka Atu <mashrom.head@gmail.com> writes:

> my question is :
> can release it to debian ?

Software is not excluded from Debian by whether the user can perform
illegal acts. If it were, none of the software for copying, modifying
or distributing data (in other words, the majority of the software)
would be in Debian.

> how can i be avoide being sued if some one will use it for spreading
> ilgeal content.

You can't avoid being sued; anyone can sue you for any reason. You
*can* try to "keep your nose clean", so that you increase your chances
of a successful defense, but under current copyright regimes this
becomes increasingly difficult. Also, it doesn't in any way ensure
that you will not run out of money first.

> will debian allow this type of files being stored on it servers ?
> (it will proboably to extream big ) .

Software is included in Debian ultimately at the decision of the
FTP-masters. The convention seems to be that actively-pursued legal
threats are heeded, and latent threats are a matter of debate.

> P.s.
> it has major bugs:

This is much more likely to keep it out of Debian. But don't let that
stop you sibmitting it anyway.

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