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Re: photo licenses

На Thu, 9 Nov 2006 21:55:58 +0100 Francesco Poli написа:

> It's not a matter of finding an "ultimate" form.
> It's a simple practical matter: if someone modifies a work in some
> form (because he/she prefers to do so), but only distributes another
> form (which is generated from the other one), then, well, it's *not*
> Free Software.
> It depends on what you (as modifier of the work) prefer: if you retain
> the form that you consider preferred, and keep it secret, then, well,
> you are playing an unfair game that hurts the community.

 I agree with you

> Please don't be afraid that agreeing on the "preferred form"
> definition of source means that authors will always be asked to
> distribute 160 Gbyte of raw uncompressed data!  Practical
> considerations can well shift the preferences toward more compressed
> formats!

 I guess my concern was that people could just start requiring large and
unedited images. But you're right - the requirement will adjust itself
according to the needs of the community :) Just like it got with the
software source.

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