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Re: photo licenses

На Wed, 8 Nov 2006 22:26:42 +0100 Francesco Poli написа:

> On Wed, 08 Nov 2006 12:19:24 -0800 Jeff Carr wrote:
> The question that Maarten should ask himself is: "if I wanted to
> modify this image, which form would I make modifications to?".
> If the answer is "the unscaled JPEG that went out of the digital
> camera", then, well, that is the source.
> If instead the answer is "the scaled version, of course", then, well,
> that is the source.
> If the answer is "XYZ", then, well, that is the source.
> And so forth...
> The issue here is making available all the necessary data for
> modifying the work in an optimal way: doing otherwise puts the
> original author in an unfair position of advantage with respect to
> the recipient(s), when the need (or will) to make modifications
> arises.

 IMO just making available the images is enough. Because all you need
for the image manipulation is... well just the image.

 If we're looking for the "ultimate" preferred form, then "the unscaled
JPEG that went out of the digital camera" will never be enough - they
are converted and compressed in camera from the sensor's RAW-data. The
specific camera may not support saving RAW-files, but out there are
many models that support RAWs. Does that mean that for each image there
should be RAW-file?

 If an image is usable in the compressed form, meaning the size is
large enough and the compression is small enough, there are many ways
of modifying it. Graphic designers do it all the time. While some data
is being lost in the manipulation process, it doesn't mean the licence
should require the largest available jpeg/raw to be distributed.
Even is it's just a compressed jpeg that came out of the camera,
sometimes (most of the times:) it's a good idea to postprocess it a
little before using it.

 P.S.: IANAL, but I'm an amateur photographer so I know a bit about
raw/jpegs and their form for modifications.

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