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photo licenses


I am the author of a jigsaw puzzle game application, 

It's a simple game, but it uses hardware accelaration for a
nice visual experience with eye-candy.

The game comes with a 12 puzzles, based on photos that I made
myself, or found on the web.

I would love to see this included in debian and derived distros
(like edubuntu) in the future, but I am not sure about the license to
use for the photos I made myself, and I am not sure which licenses are
acceptable for photos I found elsewhere, or that people want to provide
me with.

I realize that there has been a lot of talk about this already,
but I did not find a definitive answer...

I placed my own photos under CC 1.0, but I understand that this
is not acceptable? I can change them under the GPL, but would
that oblige me to give access to the original jpegs as downloaded
from my camera (before rescaling, etc), as this would be considered
the "source"? I also am asking some people for photos to create
a puzzle-collection in a specific category (classic DAF cars). So,
what license should I ask them to provide me these photos with? I don't
want to bother these people with legal talk, they really don't mind,
and tell me literally "you are free to do with these photos whatever
you like"...

As for photos I found elsewhere, there are two I particularly like,
for obvious reasons.


The first is public domain, with a rather explicit note of the other.
Would this be considered debian-compatible? And the second is DGPL 1.2,
which I understand is not acceptable?

Maybe it would be best to only distribute the game with photos that I
made myself, and offer other collections on a web-site. But still, the
first penguin photo, I'd really like to be able to include in the
distributable version, since I want to use it on the splash-screen.

Thanks in advance for your advice,


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