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Re: License review request

Sean Kellogg wrote:
> Just a quick chirp from a d-l lurker with a JD that the above is a pretty 
> common concept in consumer protection type laws and, as referenced, the UCC.  

Thanks for your input. 

> I did some focus group research for Microsoft a few years back where
> they were experimenting with converting their licenses to regular
> text and using boxes for "conspicuous" text.  I, and the research
> group, felt they were pretty effective.

Did you check with the Legal group? I've seen lots of common-senes
solutions to this type of legal issue, and somehow it is very hard
to get beyond the "but everyone's been doing it for 20+ years".

I once tried something like: "This program is WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY
and is provided AS-IS, with ALL LIABILITY to be assumed BY YOU."
The other side's lawyer just put it in all caps "because you're
not supposed to have lowercase in disclaimers". Well, that at
least takes care of their "all caps is unreadable" argument.


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