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Re: License review request

Andrew Donnellan <ajdlinux@gmail.com> wrote:
> Of course that doesn't mean it's not required, just that the evidence
> given was irrelevant. I've seen most places do it and lawyers
> recommending it and so on, and as it is a legal disclaimer I think it
> would be wise to use emphasised text, at least put asterisks around it
> or something to draw attention.

I've seen dissenting opinion.  It's pretty well known that long blocks of
all-caps are harder to read, so all-caps'ing a long disclaimer may leave
one party open to an accusation of trying to discourage other parties
from reading it.  I think it was in something to do with the Unfair Terms
in Consumer Contracts Regs, but my office is mostly in boxes just now and
a lot of non-critical stuff went in the bin :-/

Hope someone else saw that and can remember better,
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