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Re: Copyright in public domain package

Marco d'Itri <md@Linux.IT>
> mjr@phonecoop.coop wrote:
> >How has it 'been placed in the public domain'?  I am not aware of any
> >way to do that in Oxford besides copyright expiring, or the work somehow
> >not qualifying for automatic copyright protection anyway.  It may be
> >possible to disclaim all copyright interest in a work, but I'm not sure
> >how to do that.
> (Pseudo-)licenses like this one have always been accepted by debian.

So what?  The quote above is part of my answer to the question "This
should be unambiguous, correct?" not whether this will be accepted
by debian.  If there's nothing to suggest otherwise, I think it could
be accepted (and I would hope that's obvious from the second answer
I gave), but that doesn't mean it's unambiguous.

Please, try not to criticise me for answering the questions asked,
rather than imagined ones.
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