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Copyright in public domain package


[ Please keep me CC'ed, I'm not subscribed. ]

I packaged nifiticlib, a software that is placed into the public domain. 

The source package is available from mentors.d.n:


The previous version of the above package was rejected by ftp-masters because some 
source code files contained a statement like: 'This is part of FSL' and a URL.

If one visits the URL it is obvious that FSL has a non-free license.

I talked to upstream and they replaced those statement with something
like the following to make their software acceptable for Debian main:

#   The immv file was originally part of FSL - FMRIB's Software Library
#   http://www.fmrib.ox.ac.uk/fsl
#   immv has now been placed in the public domain.
#   Developed at FMRIB (Oxford Centre for Functional Magnetic Resonance
#   Imaging of the Brain), Department of Clinical Neurology, Oxford
#   University, Oxford, UK

This should be unambiguous, correct?

One possible issue remains.

The source tarball contains a another header file with a copyright from
a different author (fsliolib/dbh.h). nifticlib upstream has permission
to republish this header file (as stated in the main header

What is the appropriate way to note this combination of licenses in the
package. Do I simply add this additional copyright to debian/copyright?

I'd be glad to hear your suggestions.

Thanks in advance,


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