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Re: Changing license

Dnia poniedziałek, 4 września 2006 21:02, Tommi Mäkitalo napisał:
> I looked at the sources just to check if I can help. I ported my
> C++-application (tntnet) from openssl to gnutls to fix the license-problem
> as Kari Pahula suggested here (and me). But I found out, that all
> openssl-checks are commented out in configure.ac and this comment:
> # Maybe it will be back when GG servers have SSL support finally
> #echo "   OpenSSL encryption support:         $have_openssl"
Right now OpenSSL is used by an encryption module (modules/encryption in Kadu 
sources) and miastoplusa_sms module uses libcurl. The latter is not a 
problem, because libcurl linked against GnuTLS works just fine with 

To look inside the miastoplusa_sms you have to change:


and run configure script.

> Still my suggestion to the team to look into my tntnet-sources
> (www.tntnet.org) for GnuTLS-support in C++. I wrote a wrapper based on
> std::iostream for both openssl and gnutls.
I think the best solution is to port encryption to libgcrypt, which is 

Thanks for your help. :)

Patryk Cisek

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