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Re: Artwork in sourceforge.net pages

Javier Serrano Polo wrote:

> That's right, but in this case "OSI-approved license applicable to such
> Source Code" means GPL, AFAIU.

Yes, in this case, the source code is under GPL, but the copyright owner
said nothing about content on webpages.

> Of course, they aren't sufficient to grant it. But the fact that only
> GPL is mentioned, terms of use requiring the same license, alternative
> arragements apparently not made... overall they give me the impression
> that the artwork may be free enough.

Terms of use only require "the OSI-approved license(for Source Code) or
such other licensing arrangements that may beapproved by OSTG as
applicable to such Content." AFAIU, it doesn't require the license for
icons on webpages should be under the same license of the software.

Yes, I also have the impression that it will be fine to use the artwork.
But it's only an impression. IMO, we shouldn't rely on impression.

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