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Artwork in sourceforge.net pages


I've made a modified version of an icon that shows on a sourceforge.net
page (http://timidity.sourceforge.net/). The program is GPL but that
icon isn't distributed with the tarball.
Before bugging again who I suppose is the copyright holder, I've read
the sourceforge's terms of use and got to this paragraph under the
licensing section:

"Content located on any SourceForge.net-hosted subdomain which is
subject to the sole editorial control of the owner or licensee of such
subdomain, shall be subject to the OSI-approved license applicable to
such Source Code, or to such other licensing arrangements that may be
approved by OSTG as applicable to such Content."

I don't know if that means GPL applies to artwork in web pages in this
case. I haven't seen any notice about using those alternative licensing
arrangements either.

Should I contact the author in any case? If I don't receive any reply,
does that paragraph grant a DFSG usage?


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