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Re: LGPL-library (tntdb) linked with GPL-library (mysql)

On Fri, 25 Aug 2006, Tommi Mäkitalo wrote:
> I would like to change the license to LGPL. The problem here is,
> that the mysql-driver links with mysql, which is GPL. Does this GPL
> of mysql mean, that tntdb needs to be GPL also?

No; the LGPL is always compatible with the GPL. [You can always remove
the LGPL from code licensed under it and redistribute it under the

> Doesn't that mean, that there is a license problem already, because
> tntdb has this openssl-exception?

Additionally exceptions don't influence anything; you can remove
exceptions from GPLed code at your whim.[1] [Now, it may cause a
problem for other GPLed things linking to tntdb if their combination
forms a derivative work which includes OpenSSL, but that problem would
exist even if you didn't have an extra exception.]

Don Armstrong

1: Admitedly, this is kind of implicit in GPLv2; GPLv3 makes this
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