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Re: Linux Magazin Germany, affecting Debian's image?!

Hi again!

* Radu-Cristian FOTESCU <beranger5ca@yahoo.ca> [060717 18:51]:
> > That is still false. People's erroneous beliefs do not entitle them
> > to anything.
> This is not about entitlement. This is about Debian's failure to react to a
> misuse of its trademarks.

Please, it is not a misuse of our trademarks (and acutally, I don't
think we have a trademark on "Sarge" or "Debian Sarge").

*We*, Debian Developers, contacted *them* and asked them to sponsor this

> I can see on the DVD cover: "Debian Sarge". This is all you can see on both
> the cover and the DVD.

That's wrong.  It although has a blue box stating "für i386, AMD64 und
PowerPC mit neuem Apsmassassin, Clam AV, X.org u.a."

The important point is the "mit neuen foo".  I think that's good enough
to point out, that this is something special (and please keep in mind,
that this DVD is Sarge - by far more than 95%).

Yours sincerely,


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