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Re: RE : Re: RE : Re: Linux Magazin Germany, affecting Debian's image?!

> That is still false. People's erroneous beliefs do not entitle them
> to anything.

This is not about entitlement. This is about Debian's failure to react to a
misuse of its trademarks.

I can see on the DVD cover: "Debian Sarge". This is all you can see on both
the cover and the DVD. I'm going them on debian.org and I read: "Debian
GNU/Linux is distributed freely over the Internet."

It's only _NORMAL_ then to look for a download location.

Not finding any download location, all I can imagine is that this is an
*unofficial* product, unproperly labelled as "Debian Sarge".

Even if it were labeled visibly "Debian Sarge CeBIT 2006 Ausgabe" (which is
not), this is still "Debian" (not Knoppix, nor Morphix, not Dreamlinux, not
any derivative, it's "Debian"), so when:
1). I can read on debian.org: "Debian GNU/Linux is distributed freely over
the Internet";
2). I can't find anywhere such an updated version.;
I can only question myself if:
1). Either Debian not keeping its promises;
2). Either Linux New Media AG screwing around with names.

Don't put this on users or customers. Owning a brand incurs some


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