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Re: RE : Re: RE : Re: Linux Magazin Germany, affecting Debian's image?!

Scripsit Radu-Cristian FOTESCU <beranger5ca@yahoo.ca>

> This is not about entitlement. This is about Debian's failure to react to a
> misuse of its trademarks.

You are the only one who thinks that a trademark is being misused.
You are wrong.

> Not finding any download location, all I can imagine is that this is an
> *unofficial* product, unproperly labelled as "Debian Sarge".

You are right that it is not official. You you are dead wrong in
thinking that therefore one must not state what it is an unofficial
version *of*.

> Even if it were labeled visibly "Debian Sarge CeBIT 2006 Ausgabe" (which is
> not), this is still "Debian" (not Knoppix, nor Morphix, not Dreamlinux, not
> any derivative, it's "Debian"),

Yes. Acknowledging that it is (a modified version of) Debian is the
RIGHT thing to do, no matter how loud you shout that is is not.

> I can only question myself if:
> 1). Either Debian not keeping its promises;
> 2). Either Linux New Media AG screwing around with names.

3) You are jumping to completely wild and unfounded conclusion about
   what it means when the origin of the software is being acknowledged.

> Don't put this on users or customers.

If you don't like that special version, use something else. Nobody is
"putting" it on anybody.

> Owning a brand incurs some responsibilities. 

Please provide legal references for the "responsibilities" that you
persist in claiming someone has. To whom do you think those
"responsibilities" are owed?

Henning Makholm                   "We will discuss your youth another time."

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