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It's curious why sun thinks htye need FAR?DFAR clauses.
They have added similar language in the CDDL License.  
By the way; the OSI has approved the CDDL as being complaint with thier
guidelines, which I beleive are similar to DFSG, so inclusion of the
FAR/DFAR clause doesn't seem to be a problem.

In I as a goverment contractor provide software without proper
'markings/legends', such as the paragraph in discussion, then its possible
we run into issue where the Gov can claim unlimted rights.

But as someone noted above, that can't count if I pass along someone elses
software, if they haven't put the right marks/legend, I can't put them in

So perhaps Sun just wants to CYA or thier free licenses got written by
someone from thier commercial world :)
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