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Re: Copyright grants for fonts?

On 7/10/06, Robinson Tryon <bishop.robinson@gmail.com> wrote:
I still haven't found a license from Adobe for the Times font, so I
will contact the upstream xfree86 maintainers and go from there.  I'll
post a followup once I have more information.

For anyone interested...

The licensing for the Adobe Times font can be found in the original
BDF font files provided by XFree86 (e.g.
xc/fonts/bdf/75dpi/timB08.bdf).  When the font files are converted to
PCFs, it appears that the information is stripped out -- even running
'strings' on the file does not find the license.

If the license has been stripped out in the conversion, it might be a
good idea to put it into the COPYRIGHT file for the appropriate debian
packages to make it easier for people to find it in the future.

-- Robinson Tryon

(from xc/fonts/bdf/75dpi/timB08.bdf, here's a copy of the license)
COMMENT  Copyright 1984-1989, 1994 Adobe Systems Incorporated.
COMMENT  Copyright 1988, 1994 Digital Equipment Corporation.
COMMENT  Adobe is a trademark of Adobe Systems Incorporated which may be
COMMENT  registered in certain jurisdictions.
COMMENT  Permission to use these trademarks is hereby granted only in
COMMENT  association with the images described in this file.
COMMENT  Permission to use, copy, modify, distribute and sell this software
COMMENT  and its documentation for any purpose and without fee is hereby
COMMENT  granted, provided that the above copyright notices appear in all
COMMENT  copies and that both those copyright notices and this permission
COMMENT  notice appear in supporting documentation, and that the names of
COMMENT  Adobe Systems and Digital Equipment Corporation not be used in
COMMENT  advertising or publicity pertaining to distribution of the software
COMMENT  without specific, written prior permission.  Adobe Systems and
COMMENT  Digital Equipment Corporation make no representations about the
COMMENT  suitability of this software for any purpose.  It is provided "as
COMMENT  is" without express or implied warranty.

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