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allan1956 <allan@bstll.com>
> By the way; the OSI has approved the CDDL as being complaint with thier
> guidelines, which I beleive are similar to DFSG, so inclusion of the
> FAR/DFAR clause doesn't seem to be a problem.

The failed Open Source Initiative uses a definition, not guidelines,
and seems to default to approval (if they can't find a clear fault,
it gets approved) rather than debian which uses guidelines and seems to
default to "no consensus that this should go in main."  There's also
a problem in that OSI seems to get an advocate report from a lawyer
partial to the licence, but not necessarily any public peer review.
So, it's not safe to infer from OSI approval that it's OK for debian,
although it can be a hint and source of answers to questions, so
linking to an osi-discuss (or whatever the list is called) post can
be helpful.

Hope that explains,
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