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GNU GPL future (was: Re: DFSG as Licence?)

Michelle Konzack <linux4michelle@freenet.de> writes:

> I do not fully agree with the FSF and the GPL. v2.0 maybe ok,
> but I have complains against the new one.

The GPL v3 is not yet released; the FSF are asking for anyone who has
concerns to make them known now. The draft you've read is *not* what
the final GPL v3 will look like, and if you make your concerns known
to the FSF now, they can take that into consideration for the final
text of the license.


It's not rational to say that you don't want to use "GPL v3" based on
a draft; there's no "GPL v3" yet. The whole point of that draft is to
solicit feedback on potential problems so they can be fixed *before*
anyone uses GPL v3.

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