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Re: DFSG as Licence?

On Sunday 11 June 2006 20:31, Måns Rullgård wrote:
> What I'm talking about is different, each on their own free, licenses
> being deemed incompatible with each other.  Examples are the GPL, the
> OpenSSL license, and the Open Software License.  I find it hard to
> believe that most authors who choose to release under the GPL do so in
> order to prevent their code being used in a program released under the
> OSL.  Neither of these two licenses (GPL and OSL) allows for
> proprieterization of code.  However, I see it as a loss to the free
> software world as a whole, that the open source code is divided into
> several islands, between which no code sharing is allowed.  This leads
> to time and efforts being wasted in reimplementing perfectly good
> code, only because the existing version has slightly different terms
> of use and distribution.

Right, but you are describing relationships as found in an Ideal World ;-) It 
always happens so that if you manage to merge some of these islands, then no 
force could (and should) prevent anyone from building its own brand new 
island following its own ideas and visions even thay are not in perfect 
harmony with other already existing islands. This is generally not so Bad 
Thing[TM] and is how the holy human nature works, at least on the Earth ;-)

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