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Re: DFSG as Licence?

Michelle Konzack <linux4michelle@freenet.de> writes:

> Since I have read tonns of different licences I do not realy know
> what to do.

It's good that you're reading existing copyright licenses; it's better
to choose a license already accepted by the community as granting
effective freedom to users, than to try writing your own.

As for which license to choose, it depends on your goals for the
license. The FSF have useful comments on many existing free software
licenses, and offer to help evaluating licenses.


> Since I am using Debian/main only (with the exception of libdvdcss2)
> since more then 7 years now I want to say, that my Software any
> Licence which comply with the DFSG.

That's great, it makes the free software community stronger and makes
your work useful to more people.

> Is there allready a licence which use the term DFSG as licence?

The DFSG doesn't specify license terms. It's a set of guidelines for
judging the freedoms granted to recipients of a work. This judgement
concerns not just the license from copyright, or patent, or trademark,
or any other particular monopolies. Rather, it addresses the combined
set of effective freedoms granted to the recipient of the work.

Thus, it wouldn't make much sense to treat the DFSG as a license.

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