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Re: Sun Java available from non-free

David Pashley <david@davidpashley.com>
> Out of interest, if[0] that is saying that "we agree that anything isn't
> Sun's fault isn't Sun's fault" (which is fair enough) then that doesn't
> mention anything about any warranty that we might offer. For the large
> majority of the software we ship, we disclaim any warranty what so ever.  

However, the DLJ seeks to prevail over all other agreements,
including those disclaimers of warranty.

> Can we not just disclaim all warranty on Sun's java like we do with the
> rest of our software, or is there something in the license that forces
> us to give a warranty?

The problem isn't Sun's java.  It's the requirement to give
indemnity covering *everything* in the Operating System.  In
fact, Sun's java may be the only thing not affected by this!

Hope that explains,
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