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Re: pygaim license terms not present in source

Michael Spang <mike@utgard.net> wrote:
> Marco d'Itri wrote:
> > mike@utgard.net wrote:
> >   
> >> It seems to me that this is insufficient and that the developers need to 
> >> clarify their license somewhere before PyGaim can be uploaded to Debian.
> >>
> >> Am I correct in making this assumption?
> >>     
> > No. As long as you believe that the notice on the project web site is
> > truthfully representing the project license then you can just add a
> > note about this to debian/copyright.
> Alright sounds good. I had suspected that there would be a problem 
> because there isn't even a written copyright statement on the site, just 
> the "License" field that is required for hosting on SourceForge, but if 
> that is considered adequate documentation of the license then I can move 
> forward with the package.

I would still get clarification from the author.  Relying on the
License field may give you legal cover, but it may still not match the
pygaim author's intentions.  The author may not have noticed that
field, filled it in while in a hurry and not paying attention, etc.

Walter Landry

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