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Re: UC license and debian

Joe Smith <unknown_kev_cat@hotmail.com>
> UCC 2A-124.2: [...] for example, "There is no 
> >warranty that the goods will
> >be fit for a particular purpose".
> Quite simply the disclamer must be in writing and be conspicuous. 
> Conspicuous is the key word there.

Even better, the example is not WRITTEN AS A PARAGRAPH OF CAPS.

> It was propably intended to mean that it cannot be hidden in fine print. 
> Regardless,
> an all caps header preceding it saying something like "WARRANTY DISCLAMER:" 
> certainly would make the notice conspicuous. 

Could putting the disclaimer in the middle of a paragraph of caps
- making it hard to read - make it inconspicuous?  I hope so.

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