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Re: Question

Marcin Giedz <marcin.giedz@altvision.pl>
> And this is my question. We now that Debian is Open Community. So from
> commercial point of view there is no organization" which we can make
> an agreement to become Debian certificated training center. But there
> are people responsible for releases, maintaining and some "top team"
> about Debian project anyway.
> IS there any way to contact with someone from this "head"? I tried to
> find some emails but with no success. That's why I thought about mailing
> list. Do you know any emails that I can make further step?

I am not sure what you are wanting to obtain.

Licence to use the debian trademark is currently issued/revoked as
directed by the DPL <leader@debian.org> on a case-by-case basis, as
there is still no free trademark licence nor useful debian policy
on it.

General commercial questions may be best on debian-consultants

General debian-related training questions may be best on debian-mentors

Hope that helps,
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