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Re: [JPackage-discuss] Sun Java available from non-free

fernando@lozano.eti.br schrieb am Donnerstag, den 18. Mai 2006:

> Hi David,
> > Roughly, the way that I read the new license, you must distribute the
> > Sun JDK ``alone'' (as per section (2c)). Moreover, you must not develop
> > any applications with this JDK---you may only use it to build packages
> > that will be shipped with your Operating System (as per section (2b)).
> >From the DLJ FAQ:
> 4. What does the DLJ allow me to do?
>    You can:
>    *   Use the JDK on your OS to design, develop, test, and run Java programs 
> (...)
> 8. Does this license prevent me shipping any alternative technologies in my OS
> distribution?
> The DLJ does not restrict you from shipping any other technologies you
> choose to include in your distribution."
You accept the licence, not the FAQ. If it comes to court its irelevant. 


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