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Re: Re: Tremulous packages

- About the datas :
  - Actually, they don't intend to change the license yet. They say the
GPL is not for arts, whereas CC is. Also, there are many medias authors
and making the license change requires contacting all of them and they
don't see the point of doing this. Though, they told they will certainly
switch to CC 3 when it's out.
I've already bothered them a lot with all these licenses considerations.
They think that we are license freaks (I don't remember their exact
words) and that CC is already free enough, so they won't switch the
datas to GPL.

So do I have to put them in a separate, non-free, source package ?

- About the tools :
  - I asked the icculus team, which maintains the GPL quake3 engine on
which is based Tremulous. The lcc tools are used only for mods, so it's
not required by the quake3 engine itself, but it is required for all the
mods like Tremulous.
  - They told me that these tools can't be replaced, and that
reimplenting a free version of them is pointless.
  - The copyright holders are not only AT&T but also the 2 guys from
Microsoft, so I don't think they would be any open to Debian
considerations. I could still ask them if you think it's really worth
it, but I'm quite hopeless about that.

- The pk3 files, i.e. the datas, are actually zip files which are built
manually for releases. One of them includes the qvm files, which are
built by the tools. I can't build them because they are timestamped and
I rebuilt them, they would be incompatibles with the servers.
As I don't need nor can build them, I don't need the tools in the source
package, and I don't intend to package them anymore.
I only include the built qvm file, but they still build depends on it
upstream, although I don't build them in the package.

- So what I did is :
  - Remove the tools from the sources and rebuild the orig.tar.gz
  - Build the 3 packages (client, server, datas) from the single source
package and put them in contrib. (Actually, I have a 4th package for the
docs but it's out of this scope)

- What I will do, depending on your answer :
  - Put the datas in a different source package and put it in non-free.

Is it all right this way ?

PS : please CC me in your answers because I'm not subscribed to the

Heretik <heretik@tuxfamily.org>

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