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Re: Re: Re: MPEG-4 patent license issues - libfaad* and libx264* andother codecs.

> So given my idiocy I'm going to leave that detective work to someone
> else. I think the general picture is slightly more clear than opaque now
> though.
> MWSBell

I mean with respect to looking in packages to find out if they have a
coder or a decoder.

So, we have a document that supports a reasonable belief that the
patents that cover parts of the MPEG-4 standard are invalidated by prior
But, we have a history of patent enforcement that certainly covers the
AAC encoding process and may cover the decoding process. As well as code
that implements the decoding process for both AVC and AAC, we have
libx264 that encodes AVC in main.
Should we continue regarding the MPEG-4 patents invalid, for either or
both of encoding and decoding, or should we remove code?


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